Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here we go again!

I've made a pact with a couple of other NaNoWriMo friends to do a NoFiMo / NoEdMo in February. In my cast, it's a FiMo -- I need to finish the story rather than edit. I still have a good third to go, I'd say, even after reaching 50k (plus about twenty pages that need to be transcribed). Part of that is because...well, let's just say if I were filming instead of writing, I'd be the sort of producer who filmed every possible scene from every possible angle and then picked and chose what actually belonged, rather than someone who did everything in a take. I have an incredible amount of back story that helps me understand my characters, but which will likely be left on the cutting room floor, so to speak, if I ever really edit this one to completion.

My goal is to write 1000 words a day, or about three to four typewritten pages if I use the Corona, which is the plan at the moment. Which gives me an excuse to post yet another picture of it (Click the picture for a slightly larger view)...

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Duffy Moon said...

Good for you! I started on a story just this week, on my Royal, and it's the first non-NaNo fiction I've begun in years. It's unlikely to turn into anything worthwhile, but at least I'm writing again.

I really need a Smith Corona. In a bad way.