Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everybody's doing it...

My first attempt at a...well...what would this be, considering it's not a typecast? This is using a very unfriendly scanner at doesn't like anyone, especially me. Click for a better view of the image - I made it too wide this time around!


Duffy Moon said...

Nicely done! It's so much more personal and...I dunno, immediate? to post this way, isn't it? I mean, so many of the blog posts we read feel sorta detached, like they could have been written by a program (actually, I have one LJ friend that IS just an algorithm, literally a program spewing out semi-random phrases. And half of its stuff feels just as real as every other digital posting.

So, welcome to the 19th century!

Strikethru said...

Yay.... another papercaster.

Hope to see more.

Elizabeth H. said...

Hopefully I can figure out the trick to making a quality scan that isn't a huge image! And it'd be neat if I could get more color to come through. One of the things I love about fountain pens is the availability of lots of lovely ink colors.

But the ice is broken, at least!

Olivander said...

Welcome to anablogging!

I've always been intrigued by the idea of using a fountain pen. However, my handwriting is so horrible that I'm not sure I want to invest in one. It would be kind of like putting a ruby-sequined sweater on an ugly dog. That's why I use a typewriter most of the time.

I did get out an old calligraphy pen with a fine nib and played around with it a bit. The words do flow so much more smoothly, but my handwriting still stinks.

Elizabeth H. said...

I would highly, highly recommend Getty and Dubay's Write Now book on penmanship, if you ever decide to give fountain pens a go! Seriously. My quick and dirty everyday handwriting isn't great (as this blog post shows), but it's mostly legible, and I *can* write pretty nicely now when I really try. That wasn't at all true a few years ago. I should scan some of my old handwriting for compare and contrast's scary!

Handwriting fascinates me - I could spend hours looking at scanned old letters and journals partly just for that reason. It's interesting how styles have changed over the years. And it's easy to waste time in the penmanship sections of some of the pen forums. Some of the samples absolutely blow me away. True art, for sure!