Sunday, May 04, 2008

In which I make my [messy] typecast debut


Duffy Moon said...

Good find! That looks exactly like mine. You can see a blurry polaroid of it on my flickr page (but why would you need to when you can just look at yours and know what mine looks like?).

Mine has never been as 'fast' as everyone claims theirs is. Maybe there's still some decades-old gunk in there that hasn't yet been blasted out. I still like it, but for pure speed, my Olympias blow it out of the water. And so does my newest acquisition - the Remington Standard (Super-Riter).

Glad yours is in better shape, and you've broken the curse!

Olivander said...

Oh, my, that was you whose typer got mangled in the post? When I first read about it, I wondered what the heck had to happen to a Super-5 body to destroy it so utterly.

The late-'60s/early-'70s SCM's aren't terribly pretty to look at, but they're definitely well made. I don't think there's a one in the half dozen or so in my stable that didn't at least work without any fiddling on my part.

I've had the same odd series of problems with the '50s SCs, and to a lesser extent the pre-war ones, too. Particularly the loose escapement that throws random extraneous spaces.

Elizabeth H. said...

Duffy - There are a lot of words I could use to describe my Olympia SM-9, but fast isn't one of them. Of all my typers, it's the one that forces me to slow down and get in a rhythm. I'd really like to try out a non-SM-9 Olympia someday! I've heard that the SM-3s and 4s in particular feel a lot different. But I've never seen one in person. For some strange reason, until this SCM, the only working typewriters I've come across locally are SM-9s and Hermes 3000s. Too much of a good thing?

Olivander - yes, that was (would have been) my typewriter. :-\ I finally got onto the Yahoo group yesterday to look at the pictures. I almost wish I hadn't seen them. Talk about graphic... What a horrible shame that was. I can't imagine what happened to so thoroughly thrash it like that - well beyond a simple drop, for sure! It looks like a truck backed over it.

CStanford said...

All this reading about thrift stores is making me even sadder that our local Goodwill (as I just commented on Strikethru) sends their typewriters away. I should get more serious about looking for other thrift stores and pawn shops in town . . . I am getting nearly frantic with the desire to try some different models than my two Royal portables.

Strikethru said...

I am super obsessed with the Smith Corona 70's era Sterlings, Galaxie 12's, and Classic 12's. I would have squealed had I found this one. They are good machines!

Might need to give VV a chance although I agree with you, they are thrift with attitude.

Monda said...

Congratulations on the typecast!

I saw a picture of that mangled SC. It was a heart-stopper. I'm glad you've broken the curse because those old machines - as a rule, mind you - are stout and trustworthy. You just had some bad mojo hovering aound.