Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Keystone Kommuter

I rode to work again today. And fell again. I are a moron. I have one spot where I have to cross a fairly big road. The trail kinda just ends at the road and starts up again on the other side and down a way, and until recently, there wasn’t a crosswalk or anything there, either - you just had to wait for a gap in the (busy) traffic and run for it.

Now there’s a new crosswalk with some flashy thingies that are activated when someone wants to cross...but said flashy thingies aren’t visible to pedestrians / bicyclists, so you kinda just have to watch for when the cars stop. And the whole thing just flustered me and made me want to get going. I guess it's better than playing chicken each and every time I cross that road,'ll take some getting used to.

When I got across to the other side, there was a guy mowing by the sidewalk, who stopped the mower to let me by, which further flustered me, ‘cause he didn’t have to do that. When I turned to thank him, my tire went into the space between the edge of the other side of the sidewalk and the grass, and I went down right in front of him, leaving him wondering what he did. I just told him, “You didn’t see that, OK?” and went on.

And then I locked myself out on the roof at work...but that’s another story.

Whur's the coffee?

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Anonymous said...

I know your pain, LFP. I took a spill today, heading to the office, hitting a pothole with only one hand on the handlebars. A pathetic sight. Didn't even go down fighting. And to my shame, a colleague was in the car behind me. Offered to pick me up. The shame of it all...