Monday, July 20, 2009

Crayoncast Revisited

Couldn't resist trying this again, making a few adjustments to my method based on MPClemens' last post. I still used a hair dryer on high heat to meld the wax to the paper, rather than the more adventurous toaster oven baking method...but it worked OK! Bernard is MADE for color casting.

Ungh...ironically, I do have a ton of uncorrected tyspos in 'ere. But I guess my point isn't utterly lost.


mpclemens said...

I know that this may sound goofy, but I like the ragged left edge. That and coloring makes the typecast seem a bit more dreamlike. Typing is so formal, it's nice to see the machines lighten up a bit.

Bernard's punch-through issues sound like Gomez's. It might be endemic to Olympias, as if they were all designed for an abnormally light touch. I really have to scale back when I'm using Gomez to keep from having a Swiss-cheese effect.

Verify: drant. What you say when you think you've made a typo while colorcasting, but can't tell because you're in stencil mode.

Strikethru said...

I get the best results from red-- it looks like that is your darkest imprint too.

Mike Speegle said...

That robot typeface looks fantastic. It's almost like it was made for colorcasting, what with the big, open design. No filled-in e's or o's here, my friend.

mp: Oh yeah, it's totally an Olympia thing. My yet-unnamed SM9 swiss-cheeses me every time I get too zealous with periods.

Word Verification: tratied- to perform a traitorous treaty.

James Watterson said...

Looks great! I have yet to try this out. I have been busy busy busy. This weekend I will give it a shot on my SM9.

Word Verification: boomyone- one who carries around an 80s style boom box on their shoulder.