Wednesday, September 02, 2009



Anne said...


Mike Speegle said...

Right after I read this last night I felt the compulsion to spend the next couple of hours scanning to my hard drive EVERY PAGE OF MY NOTEBOOK.

*Shakes fist*

Take THAT, inkspill!

Elizabeth H. said...

For the record, no previously written words were harmed in the making of this typecast, and the first part was about all the potential words in ink, not words obscured by ink.

Also for the record, no decent ink was wasted in the making of this typecast. I wrote the poem first (based on an imaginary scenario), then made this page (using some ink that has issues and needs to be thrown out) and typed the poem next to it.

I seemed to have stunned the typosphere into silence, so I figured I'd better make that all clear. ;-)

Mike Speegle said...

LFP: Aw, I know. It's just that it alluded to ink destruction, is all. That, and that ink stain is kinda sinister.

The typosphere has been oddly silent the last couple of days. Maybe we're all writing?

Monda said...

The ink spill is lovely and so is that poem, Little Flower.

I thought of Levengers and how they give you the measurement of their ink in feet and miles and such. Your poem makes me wonder how many miles of words are in the spill.

Of course, you must tell us what kind of bad ink it was.

Elizabeth H. said...

Monda, yep, that was pretty much my thought: how many words are lost when ink gets spilled, on account of the ink is all bunched up and unusable?

The bad ink is Noodler's Legal Lapis. I should preface this little story by saying I'm a big fan of Noodler's--most of my in-daily-use inks are Noodler's. (Waterman South Seas Blue is my first love and always on hand, but it has no water resistance or permanence and isn't a very business-like color. It has the most lovely shading, though. I highly recommend it!)

Legal Lapis is one of Noodler's "bulletproof" inks--i.e. once it bonds with the paper, nothing short of paper destruction will remove it. Not time, not light, not water, not bleach, not...anything. Nice for journals and such like. And it is, as the scan *almost* shows, a lovely dark slatey-blue with just a bit of green. In my favorite color spectrum--I'm a fan of turquoise and teals in general.

However, my first bottle developed cooties after about a summer's worth of use. Or in any case, it thickened and went weird. I tossed the ink, bleached the bottle, rinsed out all pens that had had LL in 'em, and gave up on it for awhile. It's not a cheap ink, and is only carried by one store (Pendemonium), and is often out of stock. But it's such a pretty color, I tried again. Second batch did the same thing eventually. I've not had this issue with any other ink, Noodler's or otherwise, and I use all my pens with all my inks, so I really don't know the cause. Too little biocide in some batches of this particular color? Some weird chemical reaction within the ink itself? I've not heard anyone else complain about it, so maybe I'm just jinxed.