Monday, September 07, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air (YASS)

Yet another short story, and this one is of the unrealistic and sticky-sweet variety rather than the comical. I started it a few *years* ago, so it was about time I wrapped it up. It was a joint effort between the Alphasmart Neo and Bernard the SG-3, and I'm terribly unsatisfied with the ending. Titles and endings are the hardest part of any story, IMO. I stink at titles and endings. And endings, at least, are rather crucial.

A Breath of Fresh Air on Scribd

Get it while it's hot! Criticism (if constructive) highly encouraged.

One of these days I should start trying to get paid for writing, I suppose. I have mixed feelings about posting on Scribd for that reason. But no matter how much I read about the submission process, I'm still intimidated by it. Not to mention my tender ego gets bruised easily enough without official rejection. of these days!