Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rule number 3427 of NaNoWriMo writing

NaNo Notebook
Scribbled on early in the month, during thinking moments and then in one long obsessive session.  I don't like the colors--shoulda left it greyscale--but once I started, there wasn't any going back.  "EP" is a childhood nickname my family still uses.   Short for Epsi.  And I dunno where Epsi came from.

Rule number 3427 of NaNoWriMo writing: when all else fails, blow something up.  A cherry bomb can work.  So can the spectacular destruction of an entire planet.  However, although it may be a temptation, it is best (no matter how bad the story may be) to stop short of annihilating the universe and all life therein.

There are only so many words one can write about an annihilated universe.

Another crazy week, and I'm still behind.  If I can write three thousand words today, three thousand tomorrow, and a little over two thousand the next two days, I can still beat this thing.  I'm not out yet.



Richard P said...

I found that my plot really took off when my main character got the $#!† beat out of him.

Little Flower Petals said...

Yep, that works, too!

I think in general, if you start to feel like you'd really like to shake or pummel your story and/or your main's time to do just that.