Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Long Walk Makes Everything Better. Mostly.

After a very unrestful Sunday, I arrived at work Monday to discover that my monitor had gone kablooey (technical term), and the day pretty much went downhill from there.  And then this morning, I had to be at work at six.  Yes, I got some breaks during the day, and I got to leave early, kinda, but still...  And so I was crabby today.  And I took some of that crabbiness out on one of our own.  For that, I apologize.

However, we had a little sunshine today, and I got home early enough to take full advantage of it.  I grabbed Cisco's leash, waited a moment for him to come back to earth so I could put it on him, and set out.

It's approaching what I consider the most beautiful time of year here in Washington.  We're still a few days or weeks short--spring seems to have arrived late this year.  The deciduous trees are leafing out, but the leaves are still small.  The trees have an oddly unfinished look, like an incomplete painting: the shape and some under strokes are there, but the vital details have yet to arrive.

Spring is apparent in all sorts of different wildflowers, and other interesting plants.

But there are still signs of the winter we have just departed.  Ferns are still brown around the edges, lacking the green of new growth.

And though later in the year, the sides of the path will be overgrown, right now there are still things left exposed.  Bits of bare branches show, winter-bleached to the color of old bone.

And here and there, in the form of segments of rusted iron rails and wooden railroad ties, I come across signs of the trail's original purpose.

In a few weeks, the grass and weeds and brambles will have taken over again, but for the moment, the trail thinks back, and remembers.

And me?  Feeling more relaxed and less crabby...though less so than I'd be if the trash guys would actually take *all* my trash like I pay 'em to do, instead of only *half* emptying the can.  *sigh*  It's always sumpin.


notagain said...

very nice pictures. Is that the Olympia Woodland trail?

Little Flower Petals said...


It's the Chehalis-Western Trail.

Anonymous said...

Though I gripe about the rain occasionally, I do love the Northwest. The sun starts showing up in the spring and suddenly everything comes alive.

Ledeaux said...

Oh, these are lovely pics! Thanks for posting them. (Our trees are finally starting to show the stasrt of leaves, and everyone's daffodils and tulips are in full blossom.)