Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Beautiful Mess of Pencils

The positive side of my NaNoWriMo transcription project (aside from the fact that I now have a digitized NaNo novel, such as it is and what there is of it) is that it reminded me of just how much fun I had playing with pencils that month--lots and lots of pencils, lots and lots of hours spent with them. I've been more or less fixated on the fountain pens lately as I'm working my way through all my pretty ink samples from Goulet Pens.

But last night, I got the pencils out and started working on a short story idea. The wonderful tactile realness of pencils combined with their optional impermanence makes them one of my most confidence inspiring writing technologies. Love 'em.

How's this for a lovely cluttered autumn palette of pencils? (Please to ignore the eraser crumbs and cat hair...)

Pencil clutter

Pencils of the evening yesterday were the General's Semi-Hex (love those: dark, *and* they hold a point forever) and the General's Layout. Unintentional theme.

No real point to this blog post. Except gratitude, I suppose! Life is good.


Cameron said...

Pencils do seem to contain some sort of magic.

In my very infrequent flashes of drawing creativity, nothing else serves as well as a pencil.

Duffy Moon said...

My son has become completely obsessed with Dixon Ticonderogas - in yellow and in black - having bought into the marketing that they're the "Best Pencils Ever Made".

Anonymous said...

"Life is good."

Ain't that the truth. I was cleaning up my office (an effort that proves eternity is a legitimate concept) and realized I have pencils, dip pens, fountain pens, ink and the choice of almost a dozen typewriters. Add in a huge and affordable supply of paper of varying qualities. I realized I have the means for years' worth of creative efforts (i.e., fun). This is luxury and every now and then I remember to appreciate it.

Jeff The Bear

speculator said...

Want more pencils?

I recognize some of the ones I've sent you- they're getting a fine workout!

Elizabeth H. said...

Speculator, yes, many of those are from you! The General's Layout, most notably (I've been sort of hoarding that one), and also the Ergosoft, the General's Cedar Point and the Rhodia. Some of the others are pencils you first introduced me to, and then I ended up ordering more of--the Helix Oxford, for example! I bought some last year. I would never have known about it without your help.

The General's Semi-Hex is maybe my favorite of the moment. They really hold a point well, and have a pleasantly chalky sort of feel. And classic yellow pencil looks, albeit without the Ticonderoga's nifty ferrule. I suspect for most of us Americans, there's nothing that says "pencil" like a Ticonderoga.

And now I'm realizing I probably should have flipped my pencils around so all the writing didn't end up upside-down!