Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazy Update Just to Update

I'd like to say I've not posted much because I've been so busy mapping out my NaNoWriMo story, but the truth is I've been obsessing about music instead.  Note to self: the week before NaNo is not the best time to rekindle a fanatical interest in one's primary instrument of the moment (mandolin, in this case).  But I still want to ride that wave as long as it lasts.  So we'll see how November goes...

I did get out and wander a bit yesterday, in town and out, and pictures (even poor cell phone photos, as is the case) make for easy, lazy update fodder.

First off, I went back to the downtown Olympia, WA antique place I'm always yammering on about: Finder's Keepers, on 4th Ave.  It's almost always a fun place to browse, whether or not I buy anything.

There were a number of typewriters this time around, some of more interest than others.  This Royal was in pretty rough cosmetic shape and didn't have a case.

This Smith Corona standard is absolutely gorgeous...but it's also $75.  Lovely thing, though.

This little guy tucked away on a bottom shelf looks kind of familiar, and likely a good candidate for a crazy paint job.  But for forty  Not even if I was in buying mode.

I was tempted by a number of vintage index card/recipe boxes.  They almost always have some pretty ones there.

Oh, and toys!  Look at this little doll house desk!  Isn't this adorable?  (Sorry about the glare--it was in a glass case, and I couldn't get a good angle).

I also saw this somewhat puzzling toy typewriter.  I guess you had to rotate the little wheel for each and every letter.  Good way to teach kids patience, I suppose...or drive little Johnny completely mad before his seventh birthday.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I went off on a ramble down the trail as well--days like that are rare here this time of year!  Most of the fall has...fallen, and the trail is thickly carpeted with leaves, still colorful (though not the jewel-toned brightness of the sugar maples back home in Vermont...).  Along the way I saw a note posted on one of the mileposts offering a reward for the finding of a lost gold ring, and had to feel for the author: how is anyone to spot one tiny spot of gold in all that natural richness?

These little guys are out in force.  I lost track of how many I saw along the way--dozens, for certain.

And now I suppose I should buckle down and NaNo plan for one whole day.  Or an hour or so.  I have wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow (joy!), so I doubt I'll be doing much in the way of deep thinking.


notagain said...

How much did they want for the kids' simplex? Ever since Oz.typewriter featured them I've wanted one for travel.
Also I expect I'll be posting an official invite for the olympia type-in soon.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely those toy typewriters worked by turning the little wheel and pressing down on the paper, just like some of the earliest typewriters. I had one until my parents gave me an Underwood at age five, and then there was no comparison. I'd pay $75 in a heartbeat for that S-C office machine if it were in the right shape. Beautiful machine. Thanks for sharing with us! RK/Texas

Bill M said...

I like the machines you've found. Then I may like the trail better. I get too involved in things and do not hit the local trails enough. I also play trumpet and I find it very easy to get lost in music when I should be doing otherwise.
Hope your wisdom teeth removal goes fine.

Duffy Moon said...

Those woolie worms - amazing how you can see them struggling their way across the road while you're driving 55mph. I look like a drunk driver this time of year, trying to avoid squashing the little furry guys.

Anonymous said...

Hope the dental appointment went well.

It's just as well that Smith Corona standard wasn't here in Virginia. If it worked as good as it looked, I might have cracked, even at that price. And the last thing I need is ANOTHER standard machine, or ANY typewriter for that matter. Space is past becoming an issue.

With NaNo hours away, I'm now faced with the most difficult part: clearing off my writing table so it's functional. I have to find a home for all the sheet music, tea cups, books, magazines, bottles of ink, etc. Not an easy thing to do.

Here's to NaNo.

Jeff the Bear

Cameron said...

Elizabeth, I think that it's actually a good thing to offset the upcoming intensity of writing for NaNo with your musical interests. It will help clear your head and keep you stimulated.

I plan to practice a bit of piano during NaNo, especially because it RHYMES.

It will also help keep me insane.

Ha ha.

Strikethru said...

Wait, how is a post about typewriter shopping, complete with pictures, a Lazy Post? I would consider that A Very Accomplished Post, were it mine.

Godspeed on Nano!

Little Flower Petals said...

notagain: not sure of the price on the toy typewriter. I honestly didn't look. Maybe we could all wander over to Finder's Keepers after the type-in next week! They don't always have typewriters, but it's still a fun place to look around.