Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Places to See #2

This week's passel o' links I found entertaining or of interest:

The oldest recorded melody? I find this one particularly fascinating, even a bit spine tingling. If this is anything *close* to accurate, we're hearing music that fell on the ears of the ancients, eons ago.

Interesting glimpses of New York diaries from all different time periods and very different always, I'm intrigued by variances in handwriting and style.

10 words that need to die immediately. (They do, they do!)

The Lamy Safari color of the year, 2012.

Cats as fonts--cute. (Thanks to notagain at Manual Entry for this one...)

Guitars in space!

► Speaking of guitar, wanna buy a guitar boat?

How to make a duct tape rose. Well, *I* thought it was cool!

► And this round's "just because" entry, cat caught barking...


notagain said...

good stuff. I like the ancient music link and the rose IS cool.

Strikethru said...

LOL thats totes winning. (OK, you know someone had to do a post with the banned words... right?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. They were all interesting or amusing.

The ancient music was fascinating but now I want to know why they think it is accurate.

I liked the words that must die but they left out three of my nominees. "My bad" must be buried. It sounds like something from an 18 month old. "No-brainer" made me grit my teeth when I first heard it and my regard for the term has gone down over the years. Finally, people who use "presently" to mean right now. This has bugged me since junior high. "At present" means right now. "Presently" means soon or shortly. ARRRRGGGHHHH!

Jeff The Bear