Friday, August 16, 2013

Around Town: Finders Keepers

Vacation week continues! After several seaside adventures, yesterday I stayed closer to home. I went to one of my favorite coffee places (Mud Bay Coffee Roasters) to do some catching up on my journal, met a friend for a chocolate malt at Grandpa's Soda Fountain, and also wandered through one of my favorite Olympia businesses: Finders Keepers, a really interesting antique and collectibles store, with all sorts of nooks and crannies. It's made up of a whole bunch of different vendors, all with different focuses. Makes for a fascinating stroll, even if I don't end up buying much.

Quite a few typewriters this time, though pricey ones and nothing that totally grabbed me.

Remington Monarch

Classic 12
Classic 12

Corona in a dark back room--hard to photograph

Buried Treasure
This poor beauty was practically buried!

JC Penney Typewriter
This one appeals to me. Yes, it's just a Classic 12 (?) in a different suit, but a pretty snazzy suit. It's like an old car...

One vendor apparently has a thing for Siamese cats (as do I...)

There are always some quirky novelty items.I should have put something with this eraser for scale. It's HUGE--maybe eight inches long? Just plain goofy, but it made me smile.
Giant Eraser

This, I don't even...
Vibra Pillow

Old Speed Ball sets, plus Eagle pencil leads...
Nibs and Leads

They also had stacks of variations on the old Chief tablets (and copycats).
Big Chief Tablet

This made me think of a certain Tacoma area typecaster...
Slide Rule How-To

Fun trip, overall! And I didn't come away empty handed. I bought this plain little Lane cedar box. My Mom had one just like it (they must have made many thousands of them, I'd guess), and it's nothing fancy...but I love the smell of a cedar box!


Also, as it turns out, it's a perfect fit for pencils!



Richard P said...


For some reason I never run across '60s Remingtons like that Monarch in the real world.

notagain said...

Nice pics. Is that place open Sundays? We're going down to Paprika cafe that day. So just the book with no slide rule in it? Interesting anyway.

Little Flower Petals said...

They're open 12-5 on Sundays. You know, I'm not sure if there was a slide rule there or not. I don't think it was with the book, but sometimes they have some around anyway.

Definitely a fun place to browse!

John said...

Do I remember correctly Jean Shepherd writing about using Indian Chief Tablets, especially for the decoding made famous in the film _A Christmas Story_? I've always wondering what they looked like. :)

Bill M said...

Interesting looking place. I have the same color Classic 12, but my key tops are not as nicely aligned.

That wooden box in great and the K & E Sliderule book would have followed me home.

The old original Indian Chief Tablets were really cool. We grew up with them in early grade school.

Anonymous said...

That shop must be fun. My wife and I enjoy wandering through such places, especially on cold, rainy days. Only problem is how many of the things we grew up with now count as antiques. (I prefer the term 'classic'.)

That cedar box looks great. I'm sure you, and the pencils, will enjoy it.

Jeff The Bear