Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Retrospective

Sunlight filtered

I was going to finish up my NaNoWriMo story. I was going to finish up other stories. I was going to roll up my sleeves and start carving up some older drafts to make them more fit for human consumption.

Instead, the only writing I've done has been diary entries and the new walk log.

But I have walked more. Quite a bit more, in fact. In the past there have been times when I pretty routinely got in three miles before work (plus a brief warm-up and cool-down bit I don't count in my pencil logged mileage). This month, I wondered how much longer five miles would take. About thirty minutes longer, as it turns out. And the turn around point brings me to one of the more scenic parts of the trail, right alongside a river (albeit generally a river in the dark at the moment).

I like it. I've been getting up that half an hour earlier to get in those extra two miles, me and my Black Diamond Gizmo headlamp, which has been a trooper. And I've walked through wet weather and cold. (But not ice--I don't do ice. See a few entries back where I fell down the stairs. That's clumsy me WITHOUT ice. I really, really don't do ice.)

I started doing a little quick math, and if I can average 25 miles a week (doable, if I'm willing to stick it out in the rain and occasionally sneak in some evening and weekend walks when I have to miss the morning excursion), I can walk 500 miles by the first week of June. (And IIII would walk five hundred miles and IIII would walk five hundred more...)

It's a nice round number to aim for. We'll see how long my gumption lasts (not to mention my shoes).

But I haven't really managed any of my other resolutions this month.

Maybe I should start one resolution a month until I finally (hopefully) have all of them going at once. Like learning to juggle, starting with tossing a single ball from one hand to another.

Next month should probably be "Play More," as in music. Wintergrass is just around the corner!


Bill M said...

Congratulations on the increase in mileage. I switch from walking to running every other day, but seldom in the light.

Ice? What is that? Presently it is a nice low humidity 78 here, sun and partly cloudy.

The trail looks like one not far from my house along one of the canals.

Happy walking! I hope you make your 500 mile goal.

Little Flower Petals said...

I love the *idea* of being a runner. At one point I did work up to three miles a day, but it's not something I've ever gotten really comfortable doing, so I dropped back to my plodding. It's the jouncing, mostly. And I have pancake feet, which probably doesn't help. I make a better hobbit than an elf, I guess.

78 in January? I'd melt by April!

Joe V said...

Congrats on managing to get in more walking. Myself, the one activity where walking is a joy is while out for a photo stroll, camera in hand.

Little Flower Petals said...

I'm nowhere near the photographer you are, Joe, but I *do* like taking photos of my pretty trail. As peaceful as it is being out early in the dark, it will be nice when we have more daylight and I can take some snapshots along the way.

Scott Kernaghan said...

AH! The enjoyment of walking.
I too have been doing it a fair bit of late for fitness purposes, and I'll push myself as far as I can. I used to bushwalk a lot when when I was younger.
But these days I've been wearing a pedometer while I work and walk and I have found that to encourage my activity, as I like to see some kind of progress.
Mind you, I work in nursing - so I often come home with 16kms of walking already done for the day!

Little Flower Petals said...

Not quite the same thing, but my little sister is an LNA (licensed nursing assistant--not sure what the proper title would be elsewhere), and she kind of laughs indulgently whenever I complain about the difficulties of incorporating exercise into my daily life. ;)

Scott Kernaghan said...

It is the same thing really. AINs are part of nursing, and they do as many hours and miles on their feet.

Little Flower Petals said...

You people are athletes. ;) The most exercise I tend to get at work is just walking from my desk to the refrigerator. And therein lies the problem....