Thursday, February 28, 2008

*happy dancin'*

I'm going to Kamp, I'm going to Kamp!

Now I just have about three bazillion tunes and their corresponding chords to learn in four months. And I've not played in so long that my fingers are all soft. I played much of last weekend, and every night this week; now I think I've decided I need a new left hand. Ow. Unfortunately, music stores don't seem to carry those.

But I'm going to Kamp, I'm going to Kamp!

One benefit of being forgetful and of having moved twice in the last few years is that I've been having many almost-like-Christmas moments with regards to my music stuff. I'd forgotten just which books and things I'd picked up over the years. One example: I've been trying to start on the list of tunes that I know get played a lot at camp, and I was thinking it'd be really nice if I had a copy of Steve Kaufman's "Four Hour Bluegrass Workout", which I've always heard was really good - and it'd let me practice with backup, so I know I'm not slowing down on the hard parts and not really playing the tunes properly. I've been stumbling along without it, but last night, I was going through my shelf o' books, and there it was! Autographed, no less!

Heh...and now I remember when I bought it. A full-on blonde moment made me forget the actual item purchased.

I went to a concert Steve did down in Centralia, WA right after I arrived here in WA. Afterwards, there was a table with lots of CDs and instructional materials and that, and since I'd heard so much about that book and tape set, I grabbed one. He scanned my credit card (which, strangely, has my name on it), and afterwards said, "Thanks, Elizabeth!" I kind of stared open-mouthed and said, "You remember my name?" 'Cause (as I stammered immediately afterwards) I went to his camp all those years ago, but.... Poor could see he was trying to think fast for a way to answer that without being rude. ;-) I are a natural blonde... We kind of got past the moment and he kindly autographed the book for me. Looking forward to playing with it this weekend!

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