Monday, March 03, 2008

You might be a guitar addict if...

Early yesterday evening, I started on a couple of new tunes. At about six-thirty, I got out some homemade chili to have for dinner. I turned it off when it got hot, and immediately got distracted by the tunes again.

Two hours later, I'm heating it up for the third time (luckily chili only gets better under such treatment...), and realize that I'm stirring it while I still have the guitar strapped around my shoulders and my left hand still on the neck.

I'm thinkin' that's not altogether sane.


Duffy Moon said...

I'm picturing you with one of those contraptions you used to see Bob Dylan wearing, which kept his harmonica up by his mouth, only yours is holding a bowl of soup so you don't have to put the guitar down.

Maybe you can have a bigger one strapped around your midsection holding a typewriter?

Elizabeth H. said...

Heh...and the really scary thing is that I actually thought for a minute or two about how one could construct such a thing - the soup bowl thing, I mean.

As for the typewriter, a few years ago I remember seeing a sort of strap-on desk that someone had come up with for their Alphasmart. it could be done! I'm thinkin' you'd need some sort of padded harness to really do it right with a typewriter, though, especially the heftier models like most Olympias.