Saturday, October 04, 2008


It's a good thing I'm broke. But even so... *whimper* *sob*

In spite of Bernard the Magnificent, I wants it. And the stand and cover...see, it'd even have a place to go, though I'm out of desk space!

Yeah...right. Like anyone needs more than one standard. Or more than one typewriter in general, for that matter. But this...this would be going off the deep end. Way off.

But if it's still listed in a few weeks...I dunno if my self control will last. It's my birthday and all. And it's green! And has that lovely old Olympia shape! I don't have any old Olympias...



Strikethru said...

*get it*
*get it*
*get it*

Elizabeth H. said...

You're not helping.

Part of me (the logical part) is saying, "Of COURSE you don't need another typewriter, especially not one that costs more than twenty bucks or so, even if it *does* come with the stand and all. You already have lots of perfectly good ones!"

Another part is saying, "You may never get another chance to play with an SG-1. You should write to the seller NOW. This instant. Before someone beats you to it."

Having played with the Neo a bit and reestablishing that it bugs my wrists, the somewhere between logical and typewriter fangirl nutso part of me is thinkin'...if I sold it on eBay, I could get enough to reimburse my bank account for this typewriter, with enough leftover to keep me in paper and ribbons for a long, long time.

But maybe someone already bought the typewriter.

Ack! Here we go again.

olivander said...

Typewriters are like cats; you can never have too many.

That SG-1 is a heckuva lot nicer than mine. If it were in my neck of the woods, I'd grab it.

Mike Speegle said...

Get it, if not for you, then for me. I never see any CL ads in Vegas with anything near as nice.

And eBay, could make bank.

Monda said...

I love how we all lead each other astray. It's so familial.

I'd buy it in a heartbeat because that's one gorgeous machine. Seriously. Strikethru's right...

*get it*

Elizabeth H. said...

You guys are really, really *not* helping me resist temptation here.

Under your influence, I wrote to the seller, just to ask a few questions. It's pica. I'm doomed.

Unless someone beats me to it, anyhow.

I already have a name for it. That's a baaad sign.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT PASS THIS UP!! You'll regret it. (Bogart's voice) "Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."
I have an SG1 and would get another in a second if I had the chance and it was as cheap as the first one. And with its own stand?
Get it!
Get it!
Temptationally yours,