Thursday, November 12, 2009

Informal Household Poll Re: Typewriter Volume

When I use the SG-1, the dog typically leaves the room to go sleep under the computer desk nearly at the other end of the house.

The cats, who you would think would be more sensitive to noise, couldn't care less.

When I use the Hermes 3000, the dog will remain in the next room, but still does a lot of sighing nervously.

The cats continue with their inability to care less.

Conclusion: that my cats are broken, and my dog has no taste.

Oh, and that the SG-1 thunders while the 3000 just sounds, as Olivander put it, rather like scissors. Lots of scissors. Be afraid; be very afraid.


Mike Speegle said...

I find the concept of scissor-sounds indescribably ominous.

Also, to add to your typewriter reaction menagerie, birds have a tendency to chide me loudly when I type outside. I think they find them personally offensive.

mpclemens said...

Whenever I get rolling on the Beast, my dog (who is both broken and could care less) typically sighs, farts, and then falls asleep on the beanbag chair that she has claimed as her own. Either that, or she decides I need company and tries to wrap herself around my legs, which are up under the typing table.

As my dog thinks that she is a cat, and therefore cat-sized, she does not perceive this as a problem. However, she is not a cat, and is as large as fix or six cats glued together (but sadly, not as bright) so all this tends to do it send the table and typewriter and rough draft and notecards leaning precipitously backwards as I try to simultaneously stand up and yell at the dog to move her enormous fuzzy idiot butt.

I'm starting to think Olivander's typing-in-the-closet technique has merit, if only because our closets all have doors on them.

Verify word: Wangizi. A little known mentalist, magician, and radio celebrity of the 1930's, The Great Wangizi. Sadly, magic tricks do not play well on radio, which is why he is little-known today.

mpclemens said...

"five" not "fix", darn it.

Little Flower Petals said...

Clemens, you remind me of some of the stories Dave Barry tells about his dogs...too funny. My dog is about the size of a small Golden Retriever and only *just* fits under the computer desk, which does make it awkward when I actually want to use it.

But most of the time he prefers to sleep on the couch or by the door, flat on his back, all splayed out, with his head tipped back and his lips kind of fluttering....

My cats were brought up around musicians, more so than the dog, which may explain why they seem more immune to noise. Or they were just born nuts. Halvah, for example, had a thing for the drummer, and used to sit under his chair, purring contentedly, while he was banging away. That's just not right.

Tam, on the other hand, adored the banjo player. And the banjo case (it's delightfully cat sized), and everything about the banjo in general.

Like I said, they're broken.

speculator said...

My addition to your poll is that typing (with the apartment door open) attracts neighbors- and outdoor typing attracts commenting passers-by. Yesterday, a house-restorer noticed me, and said, "Now that's a sound I don't hear anymore!"

People like to talk about what models they had (or occasionally still have). And they light up with with their stories, too.

James Watterson said...

LOL all these stories are just too funny. I want a dog or cat so bad. Mitsey was the last dog we had and that was back in fourth grade. I would prefer a cat with their low maint.

Update: The SG 1 should be here today or tomorrow. I looked at the ups tracking and it's in Houston.

Also, I finally got the iPhone. I won't say it is the reason for just average word count but it sure doesn't help!

Little Flower Petals said...

@Speculator: I don't really have close neighbors or passersby, and right now it has been in the low 40s and very wet in the mornings/evenings, so I don't get to share unless I actually go out in public for reals. Which I still haven't managed. I think part of it is the fear of bothering someone (despite all arguments to the contrary), part of it is the fear of being noticed (even in a positive way), and part of it is just me wondering why I should take a typewriter out in public when I have lots of other perfectly good portable writing tools that aren't noisy or odd or heavy or liable to be seen as an affectation: pursuing the romantic view of a "writer," as spelled out in Strikethru's latest post.

I may have to do a whole blog post on that. It has been bothering me a bit lately: do I like and use my typewriters because they really do work better for me, or because I like tinkering with them and therefore want them to work better for me and try to convince myself that they do? Hm.

@James: soooo excited for you!! Keep us posted!

mpclemens said...

LFP, I apologize to your word count for this time-waster, but your dog and my dog (and many dogs) nap the same way, and of course, there's a site dedicated to the upside-down dog phenomenon.

Again, sorry.

speculator said...

Interesting point, LFP, and perhaps something to broach after giving it a try.
Writing (in journals, by hand- or with a laptop) is something I'm very much used to doing, and so I treat the typewriter-writing the same way.
In terms of syntax, it is different (and there is some noise involved). Otherwise, it's writing. And quite an enjoyment. Somehow, typewriting is my best way to do stream-of-consciousness journaling. After typing a few pages, that really loosens up my thought processes, and gives me something to read. Then I write further (either typing or by hand).
Maybe there are some places near you where you can try that. Or a nice spot in the woods, or by the ocean!

deek said...

LFP, I'll give you my take on public typing tomorrow. I'm heading over to a 10am write-in at a B&N bookstore. I've already asked if it was cool to bring my typer and the organizer was happy for me to bring it. She actually mentioned the clacking might help her write better.

It will be my first, so much like you, will be a nervous wreck initially. And I am sure I'll get my share of passers-by asking me questions or want to see it in action. I'm hoping after that initial novelty wears off, I'll just be comfortable writing.

We'll see.

But I agree, for a normal day of writing, I'd be going out of my normal comfort zone to go outside, or even type on an AS or laptop in public, let alone lug a typer with me.

That is all just begging to be looked at and asked questions, neither of which I am all that interested in being a part of.

Little Flower Petals said...

So...the upside-down dogs site is getting a brief mention in my story, just because. I owe you about six words, Clemens.

Deek, looking forward to hearing your report!

I chickened out on going anywhere this morning, but part of that is just because I sat back down at the SG-1 again. I think I've about used up my allotment of superlatives where that thing is concerned, but it warrants them.

I just wish it didn't bother the dog so much. I'm beginning to get a complex.