Saturday, December 05, 2009

Popcorn love (typecast poetry)

I find inspiration in odd places. Especially considering I can't even eat popcorn right now.


Olivander said...

Imagery worthy of Amy Lowell.

Joe V said...

Nice poem, we just celebrated our weekly "Popcorn Friday," last night.

I love popcorn, but especially air-popped, with about a 1/3 stick of real dairy, artery-clogging butter, melted and drizzled over, then liberally salted.

2nd best for popcorn is, in my opinion, the classis movie-theatre-style popcorn; but it's harder to make like that at home (unless you buy one of those popcorn-machines-on-wheels-things and DIY).

Anne said...

Great poem! I love the imagery. I have too often grabbed hastily at hot popcorn and been burned. I'm sure that being burned by love hurts even more.

Strikethru said...

I am sure I commented on this poem... what happened to my comment? Perhaps it is lost... along with my marbles.

Like the poem!

singapore florist said...

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