Thursday, August 26, 2010

Script Cast

Or, In Which I Make A Frantic Attempt To Regain My Typospherian Street Cred



mpclemens said...

Perhaps the lesson is: time to get a new dog?

(kidding, kidding)

We gladly accept even crummy photos of SM-3s. Especially cream-colored ones. Yum.

Elizabeth H. said...

This dog appears to be compatible with Corona / Smith Corona and Hermes. Maybe I just need a secondary dog unit that's compatible with Olympias?

It's very odd, really. I only have the four portables and the SG-1 now, and I can use the SCM all I want, but the second I start typing on one of the Olympias, he sighs or gives a few shuddering breaths and leaves the room to get as far away as possible or cries to get out of the house altogether. Honestly, it's one reason I haven't been using the typewriters much lately. It makes me feel guilty. Poor pooch....

I'll do my best to get a picture! I'm thinking outside lighting. I'm also wondering, based on this page of Alan's, if it's maybe an SM-5 rather than an SM-3: it doesn't have crinkle coat paint, and looks very much like the SM-5 he has displayed there. It isn't really *glossy* paint--not the same sort of smooth paint as the SM-9s, for example. But not crinkle coat.

mpclemens said...

Are the margins on top or hiding elsewhere? Aside from the paint job, that's how you can tell. The SM3 and SM4 have the margin sets on top.

Can't lose with outside lighting. Plus the dog can hide in the house.

Verify: porth

Or the dog can hide under the porth.

Elizabeth H. said...

The margin settings are sorta tucked away behind the carriage, almost mixed in with where the tab settings are. Guess that clinches it, huh?

mpclemens said...

Alan could tell you for sure, but yes, I think that clinches it. SM5! And a fine script it has, too.