Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pencilcast: Freudian analysis, anyone?

Pencil Dream


Justin said...

Like most of us around the typosphere, you are worried that your beloved old technologies will be left behind by the advancement of new technologies. As far as not being able to find your car, that means you are not cut out for professional robbery. Pretty easy to track you down if you're just standing there looking for your getaway car.

Duffy Moon said...

For some odd reason, this type of dream has been a recurring theme in my own dream life. I can't count the number of times I've gone back - in my dream - to a house or apartment in which I used to live, and have gone through the new occupant's stuff, always looking over my shoulder for the impending arrival of those occupants.

Granted, it was never about pencil-leads: and - since we're getting all Freudian here - I certainly wouldn't admit it publicly if it was.

Little Flower Petals said...

I often have dreams where I can't find my car. Or, alternatively, where I find myself behind the wheel but don't know how to drive. And I'm almost always late to somewhere (church, especially), or trying to escape something.

@Duffy...I'm trying to decide if that last sentence is reproach, or admiration of my...courage. Yeah, not foolhardiness, courage.

Duffy Moon said...

Consider it a tactful point about how you likely have a different set of Freudian symbols than, say, a man would. And therefore what is perfectly innocuous in *your* dream might be an admission of insecurity I'd not be willing to publicly make if I'd been the one dreaming it.

Or, consider it a poorly made joke and then change the subject. That'd probably be best.

deek said...

Well played, Duffy Moon, well played:)