Thursday, March 03, 2011

Midweek Update Just To Update

1948 Royal Arrow

The suffocation/choking picture I was talking about is this one...somehow he's become sort of our mascot.


mpclemens said...

Leo is most handsome. Same keys as my big standard Royal. And the IT Crowd is must-viewing around here. We just finished off season 4.

Verify word: mingo

Yes, really. Mingo.

notagain said...

Ok that probably WAS me. Tell yourself - as I did - that Goodwill is a worthy cause. I ended up with the Royalite instead for 6 bucks. look for a feature on it this weekend. I do want you to know I would be happy to pick up any tacoma purchases for you - and not to abscond with them either! We bike in olypia fairly regularly so could deliver.

notagain said...

oh hey if it helps i'm totally jealous of this one that's beautiful.

Little Flower Petals said...

@Mike--Mingo? Seriously? That's awesome! And a little eerie.

@notagain--it was when you mentioned going to pick up the Royalite that I realized you must have been the person bidding against me on the Arrow. Can't see usernames, of course, but what I could see of the username looked the same. Wasn't too bad a price even so. And I figure I donated to a good cause...and still got it cheaper than the average Craigslist or eBay purchase. So it's all good. ;)

What with my buying a Royal in Tacoma (sorta) after you bought one in Olympia, I would say balance has been restored to the universe. Heh...gotta tease you a bit.

At this point, I'm down to just two true wish-list typewriters: a Lettera 32 or the like (I don't have a travel typewriter) and a Hermes 3000. Other than that, I won't fight you for 'em. But if one of those comes up and by some miracle I win an auction, I may take you up on the Tacoma pick-up! Thanks for the offer.

rino breebaart said...

The IT Crowd is great - it actually got better as went. The gag about the Internet (box) is a classic... Oh, and nice typer!

Duffy Moon said...

I just keep getting the feeling you're, like, my long-lost little sister, abandoned at the hospital or some such.
driving and enclosed-places phobias are hereditary, you know. As is excellent taste in typewriters.

Anonymous said...

Nice lookin' machine. Good score.

By the way, you could always park on the street at Powell's if the dark scary parking garage isn't appealling.

notagain said...

wow I wonder who is bidding so high on the pink one today! Strikethru?

Little Flower Petals said...

Wow...that sure shot up fast, didn't it? Saves me from temptation, I guess!

Icky drive home. If it's still pouring buckets tomorrow, I may have to call a rain delay. :\