Thursday, June 14, 2012

Type Tweet: Ranch

Rolling Twitter old school.

Type Tweet - Ranch


Richard P said...

My own learning experience today: if you've been storing the honey upside down so it'll flow out easily, but instead it's rock hard, so you turn the container back rightside up and stick it in the microwave, and you wait excitedly for the honey to start liquefying and dripping down, but nothing happens, so you wait a full 30 seconds with no reaction from the $#&* honey, and then you're like "wtf?" and then you open the honey, you will have an interesting Volcano Experience and 1st-degree burns.

Little Flower Petals said...

Ouch! You win. I'm not sure *what* you win, but you definitely win.

Bill M said...

@Richard, I never tried that although sitting it in hot water seems to work.

@Little Flower Petals, Ranch dressing can be fun, but you should see what happens with a full squeeze bottle of ketchup under just the right conditions. It'll squirt across the room.

Anonymous said...

@Richard: I don't trust microwaves, they are evil, tricky and unpredictable. Sort of the Loki of kitchen appliances.

@LFP and Bill: I hate squeeze bottles. They are either too full and deliver 3 times the amount wanted in random directions or they make LOUD farting sounds when trying to get the last third out of the container. It's so irritating I'm going to start emptying the ketchup, mustard, etc. into a wide mouth mason jar and spooning out what I want. More convenient and it doesn't sound like the soundtrack to Blazing Saddles.

Jeff The Bear

Little Flower Petals said...

When I was a kid, one of us (wasn't me) managed to squirt ketchup from a squeeze bottle all the way up to hit the popcorn textured ceiling above the dining table. It left a stain that wouldn't completely clean up. I think it eventually got fixed, but for the longest time, if you knew it was there, you couldn't help looking for it. Lovely.

But I guess it kind of matched the red Cray-Pas on the bedroom wall and the "Mom" Mom absentmindedly carved into the kitchen table one day.