Monday, November 25, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013: Final Countdown

I started today with five thousand words left, give or take a hundred or two. Might have gotten in a thousand during the morning session, leaving me with four thousand to both write and transcribe. I'm thinking I'm not going to make it to the finish line today as I'd hoped, but I can at least finish up the first composition book if I push hard: twelve pages left!

Been using mechanical pencils a bit more in these last stages, to reduce even pleasurable distractions like switching out pencils. When I was at Fred Meyer yesterday I noticed they now carry the Pentel Graphgear 500, so I grabbed one both out of curiosity and because it came with the cutie-wutiest wittle baby Hi-Polymer eraser. Dawww!

I like the pencil, too. It doesn't have a retractable tip, so I have to be a little careful with it, and the balance is way different from the back-heavy Graphgear 1000. But I actually find myself liking the tip-heaviness of it, and the rock solidly secure feeling of the sandpapery knurled grip (the 1000 is knurled, too, but much smoother, and also has little rubber grippies embedded, so it's softer and more slippery in general). If I didn't already have a callus on the side of my finger, I'd guess this one would start to cause pain very quickly, but as it is, I rather like how it sticks in place.

Anyway, onward toward the finish line. Figuring I'll probably cross tomorrow, with about another 15-20k to write at my own pace to finish the story.


Bill M said...

I have yet to try those Pentel lead holders. They are on my wish list for quite some time. I have so many others I keep putting off getting more.

I did not know the erasers came in 2 sizes.

Good to see you are approaching the NaNo finish line.

Live and direct from the Kestone.

Bill M said...


Little Flower Petals said...

The eraser is labeled ZEH05 (the big one is ZEH10) and is in all respects an exact miniature of the big one. It's adorable. OK, so it's just a little square of white eraser, nothing all that exciting, but still....

Did you relocate, or are you traveling for the holiday?

Anonymous said...

I am not a prolific user of stationery, but I can't get enough of it. Reading about it. Reading about how others use it. Shopping for it online. Shopping for it brick and mortar. Having it. Yeah, mostly having it. Although I don't burn through pens and pencils I am past remembering how many pens I have written dry and pencils I have ground down to nubbins and dust. But one thing I can't ever remember doing is using up a block eraser completely. I don't think it can be done. I have never seen it done. I have enough erasers to build an igloo and yet I keep buying more. Hello Kitty. Erasers are the fruitcake of writing supplies. They are never fully consumed. Can anyone honestly say they have used up a whole eraser?

By the way LFP, you're not alone. I too have bought Cracker Jacks for the nifty premium inside. I am very partial to miniature block erasers in their colorful sleeves and shiny plastic wrappers.

Little Flower Petals said...

I always seem to lose erasers well before I use them up. It's odd how often they disappear, really, since I still have silly little toys from when I was a kid. They're probably off in the alternate universe with my missing Sharpies, scissors, and about a third of my socks.

Bill M said...

Typewriter hunting.
The Holiday just happens to be my excuse to travel.

Little Flower Petals said...

That works! Happy hunting to you! Watching your blog for more details. ;)