Monday, November 18, 2013

NaNoWroMo 2013: Week Three Update

The post-it note's text (At some point, inertia takes over) was actually for another purpose entirely, but I thought it kinda fit, so I left it on the desk.

Week Three. Somewhere around 34000 words. 138 pages into my composition book.

I'm doing better than Week Two, mostly because I've accepted the fact that the honeymoon is over, and the best way to make progress is to strap myself in my highchair (metaphorically speaking) and not let me up until I've written for an hour or three pages or whatever my current goal is, no matter how much I scream and cry and sulk (metaphorically speaking). (Mostly.)

Going to a coffee house or some such thing can be helpful, since I have no option for walking over to stare at the computer every thirty seconds. However, this has its own set of drawbacks. Those of you who follow me on twitter (eliz_herreid) witnessed my mini-meltdown over coffee house lighting and wobbly tables.

The excuses we can come up with, no? But life goes on. This morning I gritted my teeth and sat down at the coffee-house-down-the-street and wrote about a thousand words despite funky shadows, a napkin-propped table, and giant sucking plot holes.

Pretty sure I'll make 50k this year. Whether I'll make something of this story, however, remains to be seen.

Repeat after me: this is just a first draft. This is just a first draft. This is just a FIRST draft.


Michael Clemens said...

First of many, probably. I shudder to think of what sorts of things I've got lurking in my pages. I type fast enough that I know I've got stream-of-consciousness level sentences in there.

Johnny (Pencil Revolution) said...

You're doing great! I was slightly below where I should be last night, and now the kids are both sick. Nuts! :-P

Little Flower Petals said...

Aw, hope the kids feel better soon! No fun.

Made it to the coffee house again this morning. It's moving, but slowly. The middle of a story always seems like such a lonnnnnnng trudge. And I'm very aware of how incredible it isn't.

Used the Pentel Graphgear 1000 for awhile, just to be different.

Kou said...
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Little Flower Petals said...

Kou--hope you didn't remove your comment out of any concerns about your English! You write very well.

I've almost lost track of how many NaNoWriMos I've participated in, which tells you how long it's been. You'd think I'd get better at it. It's a blast, though, regardless.

Hoping to cross the finish line early this week, though my story will need a bit more to be complete. Traditionally, the years when I *have* finished, I usually cross the finish line on the 25th, so I'm right on track. Maybe.