Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Number of Housekeeping Items

1. As one New Year's Resolution, I've decided to finally complete the editing process on The Secret Princess: a kids' chapter book I wrote some years ago for my little sister. It's a princess-and-goblins-and-dragons-and-a-quest sort of thing, pretty lighthearted and silly. I'll hopefully be looking for a few beta readers by late January. Preference given to those who have or have been young children.

2. I have too much fountain pen ink. I really have a handful of colors I like best, and now that I can get samples from Goulet Pens when I have the itch to try something out of my usual realm, I don't see the need to keep a lot of it around. I will be selling off a bunch, at least if The Fountain Pen Network ever comes back up. In the meantime, though, if anyone wants dibs on a bunch of Private Reserve blues and greens (Avacado (sic), Sherwood Green, Midnight, Black Magic, Lake Placid), or a 90% full bottle of Noodler's Blue-Black, let me know.

I may also be selling off or giving away dip pen nibs, some pencils, and a few fountain pens (nothing super fancy), so watch this space!

3. You must go read Mike Clemens' and Richard Polt's reports of the Bay Area type-in on the 27th. (Please feel free to add to my list if you were there!) Looks like a great time was had by all!

4. And now back to actual, real housekeeping. I'd like to start off the new year feeling like I could at least have my more forgiving friends over without fatal shame...


Bill M said...

You will always have your friends in the Typosphere with you.

Good housekeeping list. I have yet to start anything for 2014.

Best wishes to you for a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Michael Clemens said...

Sign me up for beta reading. I have both young children and a stubborn refusal to grow up.

Little Flower Petals said...

Yay! I was really hoping you might have time to take a look at it, Mike, since fantasy-ish is a genre in which I already know you to be skilled.

Johnny said...

If you are still looking for beta readers, I would be happy and honored to be counted among them. :)

Little Flower Petals said...

The honor would be mine!

It may be a little longer than I anticipated. And I'll warn you, it's pretty sticky-sweet. I don't think I could even write like that anymore... I'm going to try to de-sweeten it at least a little bit. It fit the time and the person it was intended for (my learning-disabled little sister not long after Mom died), but needs some work before it's ready for anything else.