Sunday, March 16, 2014

Graphite Dreamin'

Likely due to the pandas in my last post, last night I dreamed I was at a large Wintergrass-like gathering at a hotel, but in addition to my music friends, all the typewriter and pencil folks were there.

I was just about to join the pencil people for a big show-and-tell and possible trading party when I woke up. Serious bummer. I was particularly looking forward to trying Pencil Revolution's My First Ticonderogas and some of the more exotic pencils brought over by the European contingent, and maybe trading some of my pencils for new ones.

But I'll have to settle for solo scribbling. *snif*


Johnny said...

I dream about pencils, too. I've had dreams that I had all of the colors of the Wopex, for instance. :)

Do you like the fat/kids pencils?

Little Flower Petals said...

I actually haven't tried many, to be honest! The Tri-conderogas are probably the closest. I keep eyeing the My First Ticonderogas at back to school time, though, and apparently my subconscious covets them.

Johnny said...

They are great pencils! I'm happy to send you a couple if you can't find them this time of year. :)

Little Flower Petals said...

Might take you up on that! I could trade pandas. ;) But I need to run to Staples later this week anyway, so I'll check there, too.

I'm mostly intimidated by the sharpening.