Monday, March 24, 2014

Ramble About Town, March 22nd 2014

2014-03-22 10.38.09
Just a tiny fragment of the delights on hand at The Tea Lady in Olympia, WA.
It had been awhile since I spent a Saturday just wandering, and with a bit of spring weather setting in (if only temporarily), I may have had a bit of cabin fever as well. So...this Saturday I did a ramble about.

Went to the Tea Lady first. I've professed my love for this place so many times before, it seems a little redundant to state it again, but...I love this place! I'm currently off coffee (if only temporarily), which made a shop full of nothing but tea all the more exciting. I'd sort of planned to buy a teapot, but they mostly had large ones, too big for me unless I start throwing daily tea parties. So I'm back to obsessing on-line on that front. Still came away with some new green tea, some fillable tea bags for times when it's less than convenient to fiddle with a filter basket, and an interesting herbal blend with citrus, turmeric, and ginger. The instant I left I got requests from Dad and my sister for teas of their own, so I have an excuse to go back soon.

Next up was downtown, and the antique mall: Finders Keepers. It's always a fun place to browse: different vendors rent cubicles within the building, so each has a different assortment and you never know what you'll find around the next corner. First thing I noted was this boxy Hermes 3000. It's $145, or I might be giving you a review rather than just a photo. Looks pretty clean.

2014-03-22 13.03.46

Lots of other little assorted writing related things about:

Pencil Sharpeners at Finders Keepers
Pencil sharpeners
2014-03-22 13.58.14
Inks...and Shinola.
2014-03-22 13.52.28
Ink erasers and assorted pencil leads.

Typewriter cleaner.

 2014-03-22 13.07.20
2014-03-22 12.38.00
Some sorta old cash register? And a steno machine.
2014-03-22 13.12.14
SCM Coronet, just to be equal opportunity to the electrified among us.
2014-03-22 12.08.30
One of those heavy old staplers that could double as a blunt force weapon.
2014-03-22 12.18.07
Slide rules! The big one here is about standard size for these. The little one is little bitty. Shirt pocket sized, or smaller. Cute.
2014-03-22 12.18.27
Close-up of the little guy...
2014-03-22 12.13.59
If Hop-along Cassidy says it's his favorite ice cream, who am I to argue?
Had lunch afterward with a friend at The Bread Peddler: peanut curry chicken soup. Good, as is only to be expected from The Bread Peddler. Yum!


Johnny said...

Wow, that Apsco is especially cool!

Little Flower Petals said...

I kinda wanted to whip out a pencil and try it out to see if the blades were at all sharp anymore, but figured that might be frowned upon.

notagain said...

Nice post. Prices are high in that mall. That little rule is missing its cursor, otherwise I might be tempted.

Little Flower Petals said...

Prices kind of depend on the vendor, and how long a given item has been there. There are occasional bargains. I maybe should be ashamed to admit it publicly, but I came home teddy bear. A Vermont Teddy Bear, to be exact. Cost me under eight bucks, which really isn't bad. He's awful cute.

Bill M said...

Prices seem high, but at least you have a place that sells neat things. I like the slide rules. Too bad the second one is worthless without the cursor.

If only I could get off and stay off coffee! I drink tea in the evening and plenty of ice tea, but my coffee habit is terrible!

Thanks for the trip around Olypia.

Rob Bowker said...

Great to see the Union flag over the PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea selection. Of course it comes from Kenya and Sri Lanka and nowhere near the UK but I suppose we lay claim to starting the tea habit. And the coffee habit. Apologies. You might be shocked to know that my sister was in a supermarket in Derbyshire and couldn't find loose tea - just 'dust' in bags.

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Wow! What a fun ramble -- wish I was along with you. I never see all those cool things here in SF. Fun post.