Sunday, April 06, 2014

Know Your Audience

This week we had a going away party for one of my co-workers. We took her out for drinks and appetizers at a local Mexican restaurant not far from the office. As we were getting ready to head over, another co-worker, who'd not been there before, asked me where it was. "Over there," I said, "Just down the street and on the same side as Goodwill."

Blank stare.

So I tried again. "It's kind of in the same parking lot as Staples," I said.

Blank stare.

As a last ditch effort, I said, "There used to be a post office there, but it moved down the street."

Blank stare.

At that point, another co-worker looked over my shoulder and said, "It's across the street from Taco Bell."  And the one who'd asked me for directions lit up and said, "Oh, that place!"

I'd honestly never noticed the Taco Bell.



Bill M said...

Directions can be funny. I often responed to fire calls to "well take rout 25 to some road and just past Jake's barn there is a dirt road. Don't take that one, take the next one on the other side of the road. You'll probably be able to see the smoke from there."

Hope the person made it to the correct restaurant.

Scott Kernaghan said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, we humans are funny creatures. I guess when it comes down to it, there's a sort of relativity of what is important to us in almost everything.

Blank said...

I knew I had become a native of this area that I moved to when I gave this direction: "Turn at that intersection where the Mobil station used to be."

== Michael

notagain said...

Ha - i like it. We'd probably navigate by the goodwill or a bike path if there is one.

Little Flower Petals said...

It's funny...without realizing it, I think we all kind of tend to see the world as islands of interest with seas of vagueness in between...but what constitutes the islands and what constitutes the vagueness varies by individual. I pretty much am aware of every office supply store, thrift store, or coffee shop in the area, but if someone had asked me where that Taco Bell was located, I'd be the blankly staring one.