Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Moving On!


OK, I swear, last time I'm gonna do this!

For awhile there, I had a blog in my own name on a Big Scary Real Domain Name. I also thought I could keep this blog going, and keep thoughts separate. What I actually achieved: intimidated and overwhelmed myself into blog silence.

So...I'm going back to blogging about anything and everything in one big messy blog: a new one that is *not* on the Big Scary Real Domain Name. I've combined old posts from everywhere but Little Flower Petals there. So...if you're still interested in the on-going and up-to-date daily doings of moi, my paper/pen/pencil obsession, and my felines, foibles and phobias, come on over to the new, final, for-real-this-time Blog o' Me at Enough Ice Cream.