Monday, June 15, 2009

Inane Monday Night Typecast: Typewriter Bunnies

For the TV deprived or non-Western, here's the commercial I was referring to. WARNING: it's really, really catchy. "Yippee yi yay, mini sirloin burrrrrgers--hyah!"

The fact that I'm watching this while La Boheme plays in the background kind of adds...something. I'm just not sure what.


Mike Speegle said...

I find free-range ribbons to be of heartier stock. Purebreds are nice, but they tend to suffer from a bevvy of ailments such as spool fatigue and arthritic ink.

Word verification: lurver. C'mon, it's pretty self-explanatory. Someone who you lurrrve.

James Watterson said...

There is a jack in the box not even a second from my house. I have not yet had their little burgers. Truthfully I am from New England and the last time I walked in to a Jack in the box I was clueless on what to order. Now that I have a choice actually go to all the restaurants advertised on TV I will take you up on the generous offer and get some Typewriter Bunny Burgers.

Word Verification: thessess. Sounds like the craigslist ad about the coffee maker.

Strikethru said...

There is a theme going on today. I was just laughing about the following quote in one of my spec documents at work: " we are not another randomized ribbon among other ribbons." This is the kind of stuff you'll find in spec docs for software.

Strikethru said...

BTW my word was Ungst.... A germanic form of angst?

Little Flower Petals said...

I'm another New England transplant, and I admit, I can count the number of times I've had Jack in the Box on one hand. But they do have some pretty nifty commercials now and then!

Strikethru...I'm trying to imagine in what context that randomized ribbon line would make sense!

Duffy Moon said...

I thought "angst" was the germanic form of angst. Plus, shouldn't ungst have an umlaut? (Shouldn't "umlaut" have an umlaut?)

(my word verif. = "bretter" (n.) those yellow chunks of butter and dough you get when you try to spread the butter when it's too cold onto bread that's not toasted.)