Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday redux typecast

The one musical artist I did discover this weekend was actually by means of the Alphasmart Flickr group: Gordon Bok was mentioned by one of the frequent posters, and I looked him up out of curiosity. I like what little I've found. Actually, he also got played in my Pandora mix, somewhere in the realm of Stan Rogers. He's a Mainer with a great slightly-rough-around-the-edges baritone voice who sings everything from sea shanties to ballads to original songs. I'll be looking deeper into his music.

Ah, and now we're back to Silly Wizard. I <3 Andy M. Stewart. *sigh*


James Watterson said...


I know the feeling; locking yourself out of your car. You get the blood rush to the head and basically freak out for the first couple of minutes. Glad to hear that you were able to have someone come rescue you though.

Elizabeth H. said...

At least this was only the second time in my life I've ever locked my keys in my car, and this time pales in comparison to last time.

Last time, I'd *just* gotten my driver's license and the car I was then driving. I drove to the post office during my lunch break at work just to check my post office box for the permanent license plates, and the few parking spots were completely full. After driving around in circles a few times a few times (very slowly and nervously--it was *not* a fun road!) I finally said, "well, since I'm just running in for twenty seconds..." and parallel parked illegally on the spot at the very end, on the crosswalk. Those who know me will realize I was already shaking at this point...I'm not an avid rule breaker. ;-) I got out, shut the door...and realized that a) my key was locked inside and b) the car was still running.

And my spare car key was in my apartment.

The keys to which were locked in the car.

I didn't even have my landlord's phone number, 'cause that was also in the apartment, as was my phone--didn't get my first cell phone until years later. I had to go to the bookstore next store to the post office and beg for help. All while my poor little Corolla sat in that vulnerable spot by the corner, idling away. Eventually we tracked down my landlord's daughter, who had a key to *his* house, and eventually came up with a spare key to my place, and I got back on my way before getting ticketed or running out of gas. Unnngh. It wasn't a fun day. ;-)

Anne said...

happy birthday!

Monda said...

Happy late Birthday, gal! I'm a big Pandora fan - working up my playlist for the NaNo there as well. It looks like dirty blues for me.

The car key panic - there's nothing quite like it. I always want to wear my key on a necklace for weeks afterward just to be sure.

Mike Speegle said...

Feliz belated cumpleanos!

Elizabeth H. said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

Regarding the key ordeal...the funny thing (kinda) is that in the midst of it all, I was thinking how in a story, this would be a moment for the character to meet someone they would never have met otherwise: a moment to embark on a Great Adventure. So while I was standing there in the parking lot feeling like a doofus, leaning against my car with my full cart of groceries and waiting for my friends to come bail me out, half of my mind was depressed and angry and half was off in lala land imagining the story's outcome. Writing folk are weird.

Monda--ooh, NaNoWriMo playlist? Good idea! I should work something up. Gotta figure out the correct mood music for this year's NaNo. Last year it was pretty much all acoustic instrumental stuff--lots of fiddle waltzes and things. The year before (the last full-on year-of-the-typewriter) I was blasting U2, Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard. Odd mix, but it was what the characters were doin'. This year, there is a blues bassist factored into the story, though he doesn't get a whole lot of screen time. Might have to take him into account when putting together music. And Pandora would be perfect for NaNo purposes!