Thursday, October 17, 2013

Field Notes, and Lots of Them!

Field Notes!

This is what was in my birthday package! OK, so I went a little overboard. I think I'm set for awhile.

Got some Expedition Edition notebooks, some Drink Local notebooks, some America the Beautiful notebooks, and some pencils. These are my first Field Notes, so getting so many varieties was just plain illogical, but...I couldn't make up my mind, so. Here we are.

I haven't yet used them, but the Expedition Edition will probably be where I start. It's just so eye-catchingly BRIGHT on the front and subtle in the back. And the paper is...weird, but intriguing. Supposedly it's water and tear proof. It's very different from Rite in the Rain paper: thin and sort of silky to the touch. But then, I believe Rite in the Rain is specially treated paper, whereas this is not really paper at all. Fascinating. It's dot ruled, which I like a great deal.


I also really like the covers on the Drink Local notebooks. They have a soft grippiness that puts me in mind of Rhodia's "soft touch" covers. And they came with this nifty coaster.


The America the Beautiful notebook also had a special token: in this case, a decal with each of the notebooks represented. (They are very pretty notebooks.)


There are a lot of neat little details with these notebooks, one of the most fun being the specification list they each come with.


The pencil has its own list, too! I'll be giving one of these a good hard trial run in the next little bit here.



teeritz said...

Told ya the back covers would be nifty. Happy birthday, Miss! An extra slice of cake, one hour of television, then straight to bed, young lady!

Bill M said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Those are some nifty notebooks.

Little Flower Petals said...

I'm glad you mentioned the covers, would have taken me awhile to notice that page otherwise! I like their list of "Practical Applications" for use, too. They're different in each one, and some are pretty funny. A few from the Expedition Edition, for example: 07. Epic Statements, 11. Dr. Livingston Presumptions, 23 Abysses Stared Into.

teeritz said...

I like the fact that "Field Notes" , as a company, doesn't take itself too seriously. They didn't have to include all of that info on the back cover, but clearly chose to do so. Makes Moleskine, which I also like, appear a little stuffy by comparison.

Johnny (Pencil Revolutio) said...

Happy Birthday, E! You and I seem to have similar taste in pencils (General's!). I am very curious to read your take on the Expedition paper. :)

FatherMurse said...

Just found your website. I am a nursing student and I love all things writing. Pencils, pens and paper make me happier than most could understand. Thank you for keeping such a great blog. Have a great day!

Little Flower Petals said...

@Johnny: I hadn't read any of the negative reviews on the Expedition Edition before ordering these, and now see there are rather a lot of them...oops. But my first impression (using it with Staedtler pencils) is pretty positive. It's a bit freaky how smooth it is, but pencil marks look nice and dark, and I like dot ruling a great deal. On the other hand, I didn't really do a torture test yet, aside from holding it under a running it may prove smearier than it seems at first blow.

@FatherMurse: Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it!

Johnny (Pencil Revolution) said...

I cut a piece of paper to size and stick it under pages which are already written on, as this is a beast of graphite transfer. Though, I honestly do that with all of my pocket notebooks. One thing I really learned to like about the Expedition paper is how nice "harder" pencils are, like a Verithin or other color writing lead and especially how nice a Castell 9000 HB did it's duty. :)

Little Flower Petals said...

Thanks for the paper-between-the-pages tip. I think I'm gonna need it. Though I do like how pencil "pops" on this paper.