Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've joined the Evil Empire South....

I've done a bad, bad thing. I have joined -- the cult of Apple. Oh dear...

I swore I wouldn't do this, not because of any short-comings in the products but because Apple cultists scare me. And the commercials annoy me. Could you possibly just advertise your products without being snarky and condescending about it?

But one of the girls at work has a Nano, and after playing with the thing a bit, I was more than envious. The interface is soooo slick. And (here comes the lame justification), I needed something for Teaching Company lectures -- something that wouldn't shuffle the tracks around because it couldn't understand how to actually sort them by name. Yes, I've dealt with that. And something with an easy-to-navigate file system.

I bought this. I should eat ramen for the rest of the year, so I can also get nice Christmas presents. But it does work wonderfully! And it's sleek and (partially) shiny. And now loaded with my own odd mix of music, which means I can go from Merle Haggard to John Michael Talbot to Bob Dylan to Cecilia Bartoli, one after another. Coolness. Speaking of Bob Dylan, I picked up his Modern Times at the same time as the iPod. Nice. Some of it is very much like anything he's ever done (Thunder on the Mountain, for example), and some is just...different. "Beyond the Horizon" is a good example. It's good, but it kind of makes me think "Bob Dylan meets Rogers and Hammerstein." Maybe I'll do a full review one of these days.

I didn't want to spend even more big bucks on a case for it, since it really just needs a bit of padding and something to protect it from scratches, so I whipped up a quick crocheted pouch for it. Nothing fancy, but it works.

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