Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shadow of Life

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to try to finish at least two poems and one short story a month. I've pretty much broken all my resolutions already, and this one is liable to be no exception...but I did at least manage to finish this one poem: actually one I kind of started writing around Christmas, and rather on the cynically morose side. Still, at least it means I've completed one third of my resolution for the month!

Shadow of Life


Anonymous said...

Your words paint a very evocative, if bleak, picture. I've been there a little myself many years ago. Hope it's all from your imagination, not from experience.

Jeff The Bear

Elizabeth H. said...

Some of the emotions (if not the facts) in the poem are occasionally mine, though unlike the character in the poem, I mostly have a good support system of friends, faith and family. Still, I think a lot of single people can feel like they've fallen through the cracks at times, especially as they get older. I mean...when you're twenty-one and alone, people tend to think of you, invite you to holidays and gatherings, try to look out for you. When you're in your thirties or forties or beyond and alone, people tend to assume you want to be that way, and even if you *do* get to go to gatherings, you don't really fit in with either the younger crowd or the people your own age who have their own families. It can be a hard place to be during the holidays, through no real fault of anyone involved. And I guess that was kind of the mood I was trying to capture.