Monday, August 18, 2008

I was an evil child....

A recent spate of childhood papercasting reminded me of this masterpiece from my own younger days. Judging from other dated items in the same folder, I would have been somewhere between nine and maybe eleven.

As you can see, I was already well acquainted with strike-through methods. Even I'm not really sure what exactly I meant to say in a couple of those lines!

Pretty brutal. Why, I wonder, are kids so fascinated by gore? It wasn't like we, personally, were exposed to much either. We didn't have TV for the most part for one thing, and didn't watch movies except for the occasional old classic. Closest we got to bloody violence was listening to murder ballads, and reading The Boy's King Arthur...which is, admittedly, pretty gory. "...and with a mighty stroke he smote Sir Maurhaus upon the helm such a buffet, that it went through his helm, and through the coif of steel, and through the brain-pan, and the sword stuck so fast in the helm and in his brain-pan that Sir Tristam pulled thrice at the sword or ever he might pull it out from his head, and there Maurhaus fell down on his knees, and a piece of the edge of Tristam's sword was left in his brain-pan..." Lovely stuff, that. Yum.


Duffy Moon said...

That's terrific! It's sort of like Shel Silverstein if he stopped taking his Zoloft.

Yeah, it's morbid. But it's darned good work for a 10-year-old. That's a classic: thanks for sharing that!

mpclemens said...

That's outstanding. Disturbing, but outstanding. I'll think of this the next time I find my son's doodles of electric-guitar-wielding skeletons, shouting "Die! Die! Die!" in jagged cartoon balloons in front of a flaming backdrop.

That's normal, right?


Olivander said...

That...was...awesome! You could stick those words to a Primus tune and have yourself a hit!

I think a fascination with death is common at that age. We're just coming to grips with the concept while still personally disassociated enough to feel that death will never come for us. These writings are kids' way of exploring the whole idea of mortality from a disjointed point of view.

Okay, okay... A little too psychoanalytical.

Mike, I don't know from normal, but I can tell you that it sounds like the coolest rock band ever!

mpclemens said...

Olivander, LOL. At least I know who to hire as a lyricist. Hopefully the gigs will pay for therapy (either mine or the boy's.)

Elizabeth H. said...

It's sort of like Shel Silverstein if he stopped taking his Zoloft.

I love that!

Mike, I'm not sure I'm the best judge of what is normal....