Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some pictures added!

From the side:

From the front:

And, just to show how gargantuan Bernard really is, look at how he dwarfs my SM-9 -- which isn't exactly petite!


Duffy Moon said...

Good job getting the pics up. That's one big, impressive machine. I need one of those so bad.

mpclemens said...

My word, that's a huge machine. I used the SM9 for the first time on yesterday's typecast, and the experience was wonderful. The famed Olympia action plus basket shift plus a substantial-feeling machine was a real experience. I can't imagine the feel of the full-size, where Oly wasn't making any kind of size/weight trade-offs.

Tell me it was flawed. Stop me from wanting one. For the sake of my marriage.

Olivander said...

Dang, that's big! The pair look sort of like Andre the Giant and Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride. I'll bet it even sounds like Andre the Giant when you type. "Claaahck! claaahck!"

Elizabeth H. said...

OK, it was flawed. It had one little bent piece that meant the 8 key kept getting stuck.

But then I bent it (gently) back into it's no longer flawed. Sorry, Mike!

Upon further examination, I don't *think* it has the spring-cushioned keys of the older SG-1, so I imagine those are even nicer to type on. But it's quite pleasant as is, though it does have the same rather long travel that my SM9 has. I'd honestly have to use them back to back to really note the differences in overall feel. I do note I seem to be able to type considerably faster and with fewer snags. And thwapping that big ol' carriage return is a wonderful feeling. It will most certainly be my primary NaNo machine! I'm excited already! Now if I only had a plot....

Monda said...

My God. It's beautiful in that Mary-Tyler-Moore-in-the-newsroom kind of way. I think you need some pumps, now, and a flirty pencil skirt.

I'm eaten up with jealousy. Around here on Craigslist all they sell are canning jars and mysterious car parts.

I may wait until MP brings one home, though. I figure I can get his for a song after the divorce.