Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Saturday Walk

Another gloomy week...and then, wonderfully, the sun came out in force today!  It was a truly beautiful sunny day, temperatures in the 50s, not much wind.  Felt like spring.  So I again took the dog out for a long walk.  It was a little too bright on the way out, as the sun was right in our eyes...but it sure felt good all the same!  I again didn't think to bring my camera (next time!!), and again couldn't resist grabbing the phone to take a few shots, such as they are.

Sunlight filtering through leafless trees--beautiful!
Sunlight filtered

I'm both intrigued and a little frightened by this hill.  It is so cool looking!
Fern Hill
See all the ferns?  On the other hand, it's so steep, it seems like a landslide just waiting to happen, and it seems at least once a year, one of those trees tumbles down across the path.  There are chainsawed remains scattered here and there along the borders of the trail.  I don't walk here on windy days.  Call me a coward!  But it's a very pretty little section otherwise.  In the spring, there will be flowers all along the base, and lots of new little green plants.

Farther down the hill, a small river flows by.  It's not quite in flood stage--it remains within its banks--but this is about as high as I've seen it.  Normally there is a border of rocky ground on each bank, and you can scramble down from the path and stand there.  Today, there was no such thing, and the water was flowing so quickly I stayed where I was.  Pretty, though.
High Water

The moss seems quite happy with all the damp!
Moss doesn't just grow on the north side 'round here....

I tried to take Cisco's picture, but he long ago decided cameras are scary, scary things.  He turns into a very sad excuse for a dog whenever I brandish one in his direction...hangs his head and sighs and won't sit up.  I think he musta gotten one too many flashes in the face as a puppy, because for the most part, he's been that way since I got him.  (He came from the pound when he was about a year old, so we both of us have phobias and neuroses the other just...doesn't...get.)  Since the phone is only rarely used as a camera, and since I had the shutter noise off, I thought I might be able to actually snap a photo.



Not gonna sit still while you wave that thing at me...

Oops!  Caught....
Cisco for real - finally!

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