Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doing the Deek thing

Just because I feel like it...a Deek-style sort of journal entry.

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deek said...

Mmm...I like that I have a style:)

I hear ya and even when I've tried some videos with no one home, I still feel, well, like you said, like a goober.

My wife has a yoga one that she likes a lot, although she gets upset if I am in the room when she does it.

I will be glad when its warm out again and I can go ride my bike.

notagain said...

my wife repeats the old saw, " there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"
we walk in anything and only call off biking for steady rain. i have my own incentive - i have to work off my meals' glucose spikes.

Little Flower Petals said...

I have this inordinate fear that someone might walk by the window and see me in here bopping around. Why this would be earth-shattering, I'm not sure I could even put into words. But it scares me!

" there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"

Very true to an extent. Except....here's no appropriate clothing to altogether prevent one from being a woman walking alone in the pitch dark, and at the moment, I'm only home during dark hours. :\ It's not the rain that gets me so much...at least not in the summer. I also don't have much in the way of proper winter bike clothes. Cheap cotton sweats work OK for indoor workouts...not so much for cycling outdoors in cold rain. Maybe by next year I'll be better equipped. Until then, I guess I gotta get well acquainted with Coach Troy...

mpclemens said...

With school going, me and the dog haven't been able to do our morning walks, so I've been looking like a goober to the Wii game "Walk It Out," which equates to (basically) marching in place to a variety of pop songs of questionable provenance.

The virtual "trainer" is highly annoying, but can be squelched with a set of quick button presses. As a motivator, you're walking around a virtual island, and unlocking scenery and what-not in exchange for steps. It's a glorified pedometer, but it can be done in pajamas as I've proven, and even though I hate getting up for it, I do feel good after my daily 2-mile march. All those years in band finally paid off.

Can't say I'm in great shape, but I have lost enough weight that I notice it on the scale. This is better than my usual winter exercise regime, which is to lay dormant for the entire time, until summer comes and the dog and I can take our sweet time around the neighborhood again.

rino breebaart said...

Looks like a Deek Meme is a-brewing!

Art said...

You do have internet, right? And a laptop? And wireless? Then you can watch anything you want. I can't share my secrets with the world but...

Little Flower Petals said...

Although I occasionally make fun of the Wii devotees at work, I admit to being somewhat intrigued by the Wii Fit concept. I know in my own experience, the more interactive the exercise is (without actually involving, you know, people who I'd probably step on or knock over or that), the more likely I am to stick with it. I don't think it could ever replace the gym for the more hardcore fitness folks, but for those of us just trying to stay in relatively decent cardiovascular condition and stave off weight loss as we age (speaking of myself here, of course), it seems like a pretty awesome option.

Art...I know of some such things, but they scare me. I've done Netflix in the past and will probably just do that again at some point. (Like...when I have a TV that doesn't spark when plugged in.) I don't care about watching the shows as they come out, so watching old seasons on DVD is fine for me.

Ledeaux said...

Walking on icy sidewalks just doesn't work here in Milwaukee! I just got a "Walk at Home" DVD and now you've confirmed my dread fear: a chatty, perky host! But I need to get moving! Maybe I can just turn the sound off. ;-)

Am testing out some TaiChi instructors. I started learning the form a few years ago when I lived in Pittsburgh. Last weekend's test class was run by a person who was skittish and lacking in knowledge about both anatomy and Tai Chi thought. No soap there. Next Saturday I will be attending a new place. . . .hope the instructor is a good one. Tai Chi is SO good for the whole system.

Hey, maybe we should start a GooberGroup! Ha!!!

Little Flower Petals said...

Hey there! I know you!

I'm probably giving Leslie short shrift. Her videos *do* work well, after all, and you don't need anything but a square of floor and some decent tennis shoes in order to do 'em. And a lot of times they're available for next to nothing at Target or Wal-mart this time of year.

Some of the DVDs are more annoying than others, though. I have three (one of which is a compilation of a bunch of older videos), and I so far I could only hack "3 Fast Miles" once. It drove me bonkers! Wayyyy too chatty and disorganized and dippy. On the other hand, I admit I really like the "5 Mile Fat Burning Walk," despite the slightly strange title. Each individual mile starts off fairly slow and ends at a jog, so you can mix and match them as intervals and do as many you want and whichever you want, and it's more intense than a lot of her others. (It does, however, have the most annoying walkers I've encountered. I tend to skip Mile 2 if I'm not doing 'em all because there's one gal front and center who I find so distracting I have to grit my teeth...she's in another mile, but not as prominently).

GooberGroup! I love it! I want a t-shirt!