Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spontaneous Lunchtime Pencilcast

A quick and dirty writing exercise inspired by Mike Clemens' latest post, in quickly and dirtily scanned format.

Lunchtime Pencilcast
Lunchtime Pencilcast2


mpclemens said...

Cows. Who knew they could tap into such a wellspring of inspiration?

Anonymous said...

That is a good story. I can picture doing similar things up here in Snohomish.

Little Flower Petals said...

You'd have been minus the old stone walls, though. For some reason, that's the part of this whole remembrance that keeps coming back to me. Oh, I love those New England stone walls! It's sad that they're disappearing.

Anonymous said...

You are right; no stone walls here, unfortunately. Thankfully your rendering totally builds the picture in my mind.

Thanks for the kind words on my current poem. Did you click on the pictures to blow them up?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful images, both the joy of play and the stone fences. I grew up on Aquidneck Island (Rhode Island) and some of those dry stone walls go back to the 17th century. I can still see them in my mind, some in good repair and others as overgrown, green piles in the backwoods and unused areas. Apparently there is something of a resurgence in restoring the old walls, so all may not be lost.

In keeping with the cow motif, I used to deliver grain to small dairy farms on the island. I fear many of those farms are long gone. The land became more valuable than anything the farms could produce.