Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This, my friends, is a demonstration of an effective method for training your human to play fetch with you whilst Internetting.

Translation from the Siamese is, roughly, "Now, throw the ball.  Throw the ball.  NOW!  THROWTHEBALLNOW."

In the beginning you may find that you need to repeat yourself, or you may need to drop the ball directly onto their keyboard to ensure they get the point, or you might perhaps add some Siamese curse words to the mix; but with time, your human will learn to do as they're told.

(Sorry about the long dead-air segment at the end of the track.)


notagain said...

my best cat ever liked to play fetch. we have four good cats now but i still miss him.

Little Flower Petals said...

Tam is the coolest cat, really. He started playing fetch originally when he was a kitten, and I'd get distracted by the computer when he wanted to play. So he'd jump up, put the toy on the keyboard, and I'd toss it away to get rid of it. And he'd bring it back...and drop it on the keyboard again.

We've compromised over the years. ;) I'm better about stopping what I'm doing to actually play with him for a bit, and he's better about leaving the desk alone.