Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cult Au Jus my defense, the story in that last post seemed a lot better at five-thirty or six in the morning than it did a few hours later when it was too late to pretend it never happened.  I'll do the next best thing and move on something equally silly.  I just never learn, do I?

Thursdays are French Dip day at the deli downstairs at work.  And it is a seriously popular choice--sometimes seems like half the building lines up for some.  I usually pack a lunch from home, but every now and again, I have to resort to buying lunch downstairs, and I admit, the French Dip is good...but the nonconformist in me is bothered by following the crowd, even when the crowd *could* be right.


Tom said...

I know nothing of poetry, but I recognize your theme. I say let the crowd inform you without influencing you. That is, either way.

Mike Speegle said...

I for one am entirely willing to be one of the sheeple for the purpose of a really good french dip.

I'll skip the Kool-aid though.

Word verif: soall - "Soall of you are getting the french dip too?"

Anonymous said...

I'm with Speegle here, although I prefer a cup of barbeque sauce with my french dip. (Au bbq?)

Duffy Moon said...

Another Speegle vote. And a big laughed-inappropriately-and-out-of proportion-loudly at yer wordverif pun.

Never ever pass up French Dip.