Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Mortifyingly Belated Introduction

Olympia SG3 vs SM9
In the spirit of ITAM, I introduce and express my appreciation for my most loyal portable, the 60s Olympia SM-9...which really deserves a name!  Shown here with Bernard, the SG-3 I no longer own.

SM-9 intro

The silver SM-9 should arrive at its new home tomorrow...can one ask for prayers for safe delivery when it comes to typewriters?  Here's hoping it arrives intact and brings joy!


Ted said...

You mustn't name it Doris, because that's what we named ours (:

Doris Day, the 1966 SM9

notagain said...

very nice! You should definitely type on it more. Only a handful of mine have names, it's kind of odd how that either happens or not.

Strikethru said...

You and I bought the same typewriter from the same source. (He must sell a lot of those, as he has a whole page about them being his favorite typer, and all). I've learned a thing or two about typewriter prices since making this (considerable) investment, as have you, but my SM9 works better than any of my other machines, and has, I believe a new platen to boot. I always come back to that machine, boring to look at though it is. Mr Typewriter may be pricey, but you can't say he doesn't do nice work.

Duffy Moon said...

If anyone would know, it would be you: is there a patron saint of typewriters? (I think I have a Butler's Lives of the Saints somewhere, but it is not thus indexed.)

Little Flower Petals said...

@Duffy - St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers...I reckon he'll do in a pinch! Something tells me he would have been a typewriter fan...

Strikethru, I think mine has a new platen as well. It's soft, making it one of the quietest of my typers. And everything mechanical is just silky smooth.

Love Doris!