Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July Vignette #2

I'm terrible at titles. Everything that occurred to me was cheesy. It shall be nameless, poor thing.



notagain said...

love it! I have had that one too.
word verif: ounbabah

MTCoalhopper said...

You're driving to work because all that paperwork isn't going to shuffle itself...

Or, maybe you're driving to work because you remembered the box of brand new typewriter ribbons in the supply room... and nobody else is going to need them, now.

Little Flower Petals said...

After the apocalypse, those with the most typewriter ribbons will RULE THE EARTH!

Oh, and it gives me an excuse to hoard pencils and pens and ink and paper, too. I think.

Richard P said...

That's pretty funny!

A postapocalyptic novel I read around age 13 has stuck in my memory over the years: Earth Abides.