Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tiny Tenino Type-In


Tenino Type-in

Tenino Type-in_0001

Oh, and one more piece of exciting news!! There is a very good chance that the Tribe of Clickity-Clack will soon include an Olympia with a Senatorial type-face again!

And for my own reference if nothing else, here is Notagain of Manual Entry's earlier blog post about ink making and local oaks.

EDIT: notagain now has a type-in write up on Manual Entry.
EDIT AGAIN: just noticed that I repeatedly referred to the Lettera 31 as a 33 in my typecasts.  I know better, really I do.


Strikethru said...

319's are the devil's own typewriter!

Ted said...

Micro-TypeIn! :D

Mike Speegle said...

Very cool! Makes me wish I lived on your rain-soaked, frigid half of the state.

Also! if you can make it to the type-in on July 30th that I am pushing like a madman, bring some fountain pens! I too shall bring my very modest cache.

Little Flower Petals said...

@Strikethru...awww, it's not *that* bad! The one thing that I found disconcerting, as I said, was that the carriage return lever kinda went thwbbbidahwwbbida like a cartoon arrow vibrating after hitting a tree. Startling.

@Mike: it got up to the 70s today! Heat wave! And I will most certain bring along an assortment of fountain pens. By then, I should also have some empty sample vials, so I can bring some inks along for giveaway, too. I'd like to push Aircorp Blue-Black at the least. It is the bees knees. Gorgeous.

notagain said...

That Olympia will come to you next time I see you. Thanks for coming out to meet up there!